Independence Day Tournament

Bangalore - Kabbadi 3Bangalore – The Guanella Preethi Nivas community is proud of the boys of the Guanellian Youth Movement, who successfully organized a Kabbadi tournament in commemoration of India’s 69th Independence Day. The Independence Day tournament is a festive occasion for Kabbadi fans in Geddalahalli; having been hosted by the GYM Boys since 2013. Four teams entered: St. Mary’s School, Carmel English High School, New Hope Group and GYM Boys. The match began with the opening speeches by Fr. Gnanaraj, GPN Superior, and Fr. Adaikalam, Novice Master. “This is a sport in which everyone should have the attitude to take up the challenge,” said by Fr. Gnanan. The teams were well trained by the PT masters and cheered on by their classmates. This year St. Mary’s School won the trophy after defeating Carmel English School in the final 21-7.


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