Independence Day and 2nd Academy

Cuddalore- DGBH Independence day 1Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home celebrated Independence Day with l chief guest Mrs. Durga from the government’s Child Welfare Committee. The boys made this day important; Mrs. Durga hoisted the National Flag, the boys conducted a parade and the 12th boys formed a human pyramid. Later, the 2nd Tamil Academy on the topic ‘Kanavu Nayagan Kalam’ was presented. It began with a prayer song followed by Fr. George, DGBH Director, introducing Mrs. Durga. The students made their presentations on the life history of Abdul Kalam. Finally, Madam Durga gave her presidential speech. The program came to an end with the prayer. The day ended with sports and games such as high jump, long jump, 100m, 400m, football, ko-ko, square ball games.


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