Independence Day and Dental Camp

Sivagangai - dentla camp 1Sivagangai  – The Yesuvanam community was happy to celebrate Independence Day and hold a Dental Camp at St. Guanella Anbagam on August 15th. Mr. Arokia Samy, Chairman of Kalayar Kovil, Dr. G. Balasubramani, priests, sisters, GLM members and all supporters were also invited to this event. The national flag was hoisted by Mr. Arockia Samy. The children presented songs, dances and recitations. The chairman gave a wonderful message; saying he is very pleased with Yesuvanam, Anbagam School and all the good work being done. He pledged to give his support in all possible ways. In closing, Fr. Kulandai Samy thanked the honorable guests, the dignitaries and those who came from different communities.
Later the dental camp began. It was conducted by Dr. G. Balasubramani with the blessings of Fr. Kulandai Samy. The camp was organized by Yesuvanam priests, and the Jeyam Groups from Kalaiyar Kovil. Nearly, 75 people from the area came to receive services from this dental camp.


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