Women’s Guild Honors Members

Lana SenartCelia Rossi 1Jackie McGinn-new  Grass Lake – On August 9th, the Pious Union of St. Joseph Women’s Guild hosted a four course High Tea to honor three of its members, Lana Senart, Celia Rossi, and Jacquie McGinn. They were all honored for their love, dedication, and deep devotion to the Pious Union. The tea was held in the gardens of one of the members, Susan Nabozny. The 25 ladies were all provided with an authentic Victorian hat to wear. During the tea, each honoree was toasted individually. They prayed, sang and gave thanks to Jesus for these three ladies’ devotion to the Pious Union and for all the members of the guild. Father Satheesh was present to give his blessing. The day ended with a tour of the gardens and a prayer of thanksgiving. Each guest went home with a homemade gift from the garden.


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