Celebration with Oratory Children

Bangalore - Oratory ID 3 Bangalore  – Members of Don Guanella Oratory and Guanella Preethi Nivas joyfully celebrated the 69th Independence Day of India with the oratory students on August 16th. Guanellian Co-operators Mr. Jayaraj, Ms. Stella, Mr. Kumar (Aged Home grandpa), Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Guseppina from Italy, were invited as dignitaries for the celebration. The program began with flag hoisting and a parade. The cultural programs were arranged by Bro. Sachin & co, GLM members Mrs. Sharmila, Ms. Nancy, Mr. Hubert and the Guanellian Sisters, under the guidance of Fr. Gnanaraj, Fr. Adaikalam, Fr. John Peter (Oratory Director) and the entire GPN community. The students enthusiastically participated in various programs; dancing and singing to reveal their talents and the patriotic spirit of India. The youth boys performed a mime directed by Mr. Hubert, where they mocked the use of mobile phones among society’s present generation. Later the dignitaries distributed prizes and praised the students for their performance in studies and sports. The celebration ended with the national anthem and refreshments.


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