Annual Retreat for Confreres and Sisters

Bangalore - annual retreatBangalore  – In the special year of the Centennial celebration of the heavenly birth of St. Louis Guanella, the Guanellian family in India organized a special retreat. Guanellian fathers and sisters attended this special retreat preached by Fr. Umberto Brugnoni, the Vicar General of the Congregation, at St. Joseph Nivas August 15-20th. It was a renewal of Guanellian life and spirituality; reliving the life of the Founder according to the needs of the present day. Fr. Umberto reflected on various aspects of the Guanellian charism: the “fiery sword in the holy ministry,” Guanellian prayer, the importance of work, pray and suffer, to serve the poor and to irradiate the charity of Christ. Further, he highlighted the lives and spirituality of the first confreres and sisters: Mons. Aurelio Bacciarini, Bl. Chiara Bosatta, Bro. Giovanni Vaccari, Sr. Apollonia Bistoletti and Alessandrino Mazzucchi. The retreat activities helped participants to cherish the richness of Guanellian spirituality.


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