The Italian Volunteers

Vatluru - Italian volunteersVatluru  – August is always unforgettable for the boys of Karunalaya as volunteers from Italy visit the community and stay for the entire month. This year two Italian volunteers, Olga and Carolina, returned; Olga for the third time, and Carolina for a second. The boys were happy to have their lovable elder sisters back and were taken up by their love and presence with them. Olga and Carolina were continuously available to entertain the boys with games, songs, dancing and painting. They arranged a bus for a day trip to Samaldevi where the whole community enjoyed visiting the shrine of Mary and swimming in the sea. They also took the boys to a movie theater. They provided the boys school uniforms, toiletries and other basic needs. Moreover, with the help of other volunteers, they collected Rs. 54,000 to purchase a new sound system for Guanella Karunalaya.

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