Procession to Honor Mary

Legazpi2Legazpi – On a cloudy afternoon September 5th, Fr. Battista Omodei, the novices and aspirants led a procession of the Blessed Mother into a remote area in the Legazpi City vicinity. With strong Marian devotion though the weather was not stable, parents and their children joined the procession. Accompanied by musical instruments devotees were delighted in singing praises to Mary entitled “Rosas Nin Pagkamoot” or “Rose of Love.” This traditional Marian Bicol song inspired each devotee to look at Mama Mary as our “Ina” or “Mother.” We are grateful to God for planting into each heart the love for a Mother; love for Mama Mary, and the desire to carry out this kind of apostolate. This activity is just one of the many Marian festivities in the Bicol Province.


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