St. Anthony’s Car Procession

Vatluru - St. Anthony feastVatluru – It’s an age old tradition of Sacred Heart church to have a procession around the village in honor of St. Anthony and asking his intercession for good rain. The people, especially the farmers, suffered without sufficient rain this year. Fr. Joseph Peter, parish priest, and the people arranged the car procession on Aug 30th. They decorated the statue of St. Anthony on tractors and after praying they walked around the village and main roads of Valturu, singing hymns and asking for the intercession of the saint. It was an ecumenical celebration as people of other faiths also participated and offered gifts to God. The tractors were loaned by a Hindu brother. They reached the church at the end to say the final thanksgiving prayer.
New vestments were purchased for the alter servers in the parish. Mr. Arjun Rao, a parishioner and catechist donated Rs. 5000 for the cause. We thank him for his generosity and pray for his family and good health.


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