Baptism of Allizer

Manila - allizer2Manila – Allizer Agulto, a Guanella Center resident, was “conditionally” baptized on September 6th. Conditional because, after researching his case, it could not be verified whether he had been baptized or not. Allizer was abandoned by his parents when they learned that he had disabilities. As a baby, he was left in a hospital in the North and transferred later to a center for abused children. The center caters to normal kids, and  does not have programs for persons with disabilities. Allizer has multiple disabilities: he cannot walk, talk, eat by himself, he has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, severe scoliosis, and is almost blind. But he is God’s gift to the community because he brings out love in people around him. We love you Allizer. May we continue to learn from you how to give and receive love.

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