Pilgrims to the Shrine of St. Joseph

PUSJ - Hedges pilgrimsGrass Lake – The month of September has been a month full of activities at the Shrine. We had a day dedicated to the family. On September 13th, we invited Peter Herbeck to talk to the families who come to the Shrine regarding “Challenges American Families Face and What the Lord Asks us to do.” Peter Herbeck has been inspired by the Holy Spirit from a young age, and speaks at many conferences and on Catholic Radio around the country. It was a very informative speech followed by a question and answer session.
The month of September has also been a month for pilgrims. St. Stephens Catholic School in New Boston, MI came to visit the Shrine in two groups. The first group came on September 14th with their 1st and 2nd graders along with the chaperones and teachers. Fr. John Hedges led the group since he has been involved with the Shrine from its beginnings. He has been coming here since the time of Fr. Germano, and he directed the kids for a wonderful tour. Then the 3rd and the 4th graders came on the 29th of the month. Fr. John came along too, and both times the group participated in the Holy Eucharist. On September 15th, a group from St. Anthony’s Parish, Indiana, came to visit the Shrine. They participated in the Mass and ate their lunch in the Pastoral Center. It is always a blessing to have pilgrims come since we are inspired by their faith in the powerful intercession of St. Joseph. During these pilgrimages, the Women’s Guild actively assisted the Director.


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