Guanellian Lay Movement Visits Yesuvanam

Sivagangai – The Yesuvanam community welcomed the Chennai GLM on October 2nd to celebrate the Centennial of the Heavenly Birth of St. Louis Guanella. GLM members stayed in Sivagangai for a two-day pilgrimage. The first day they visited St. Xavier’s Shrine, Oriyur and other pilgrim sites. On the second day they visited St. Guanella Anbagam Special School to learn about its activities, followed by a visit to the Sacred Heart Shrine, Idaikattoor. That evening a meeting was held for GLM members from Chennai and Sivagangai. They discussed many of their activities and Chennai members gave witness about the miracle of the Founder. Many were inspired by this message, by praying and being with special Children and testimony from Sivagangai GLM.


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