Parent Conferences

Vatluru – Fr. Peter Sebastian organized a meeting for the students of Guanella Karunalaya on October 19th. The main purpose was to create a platform, where the priests, staff and parents come together to enrich the student’s educational experiences and discuss a variety of issues regarding the overall development of the students. The meeting began with the prayer song and a welcome address by Fr. Shantham. Then students of seventh standard performed a dance which brought joy to everyone present. The students articulated their experience of their stay in Guanella Karunalaya. Parents were invited to share their feelings about the students and the institution. Then Fr. Peter Sebastian addressed the gathering; encouraging parents to keep in close contacts with the school and inquiring about the performance, the contentment or the behavior of their son. The meeting ended with individual conferences with the parents. The support and commitment of parents is vitally important for everyone involved in the growth of these children.


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