Consultation 2015

Three years after their General Chapter, the Servants of Charity celebrated in Rome the Consultation on November 12-16, 2015, a kind of mini-general-chapter, comprising 22 confreres from all Provinces and from the African Delegation. Its opening happened a few hours after the memorable audience with the Holy Father to the Guanellian Family (eight thousand people, literally from all over the Guanellian world) and his discourse worthy to be read and put into practice.
The Consultation is an assembly of confreres called upon 1) to consolidate the unity of the Congregation and to promote the development of the activities of the Institute through an exchange of ideas and experiences; 2) to verify and stimulate the implementation of the decisions of the General Chapter and of the programmed plans; 3) to discuss the most important business; 4) and to evaluate single experiments of particular ministries under way in some parts of the world.
After the report of the Superior General, each Provincial Superior gave a report on their Provinces and the best one was for sure the report on the Divine Providence Province. Later on, the confreres will have the opportunity to read them all and to think about them. The assembly then was divided into three study-groups whose task was to review, correct and approve the new Regulations that will be approved in a definitive way by the next General Chapter that will be held in Rome in January 2018.
It was truly a blessing and an opportunity for confreres to meet and greet confreres from other nations and languages and races. We prayed, discussed, had fun…and spent unlimited hours seated patiently, listening and talking about the Congregation. One topic that was covered a lot was the issue of enculturation. Many of our communities are now formed by confreres from different nations and cultures. Enculturation should affect both parties, the confreres that welcome a confrere from another part of the world, and the confrere that is called by God to move from his country into another one. It is not an easy job, but through mutual understanding and acceptance, everything should be fine. Hopefully! Another topic that attracted the attention of the assembly was the Financial Report of the General Treasurer on the Congregation. His view on the world financial state was very interesting and precise. Our Congregation relies heavily on Divine Providence and Divine Providence is ready to provide if we Servants are servants and not masters. Regarding future new ministries, the Superior General has presented the charitable fields in the Solomon Islands (Pacific Ocean) and Tanzania where the Servants of Charity will take over facilities for disabled people already built by local priests who are no longer able to take care of them. Other ideas for presences in other countries were not discussed but were left to the next General Chapter. We said good-bye to each other after the terrible events of terrorism in Paris and left the city of Rome surrounded by army soldiers and police officers. But love will have the final say and victory. Just trust in the Lord.

2 thoughts on “Consultation 2015

  1. please tell me what happened to the servants of charity in Philadelphia, pa? I have a parish that
    very much needs the Guanellian Family.

    1. JMJ
      Dear Mr. Rossi,
      The Diocese of Philadelphia decided to close down the program and sell the property of the Cardinal Krol Village. Our confrere, Fr. Dennis Weber, is still there ministering to the families and doing some other work for the diocese. Please send me an email at and I will get you connected to the support you are looking for. Our sisters still operate a retreat house in Elverson too. I look forward to your message.

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