Evening School Celebrates Dewali

Chennai – India is a country known for its many different festivals. One of the most celebrated is Dewali or Deepavali; one of the most important for the people of the Hindu Religion. There are many rituals, traditions and cultural beliefs surrounding it. It is associated with many stories and legends and is known as the festival of lights, the symbol of victory of truth over evil. Children are very eager to celebrate it and participate in all its activities. On this day, they learn many stories, Rangolis (folk art drawings) and games from their teachers. Teachers familiarized the students about using crackers, fireworks and Pooja (Hindu prayer rituals). The children of Don Guanella Evening School happily celebrated “Dewali” on November 10th. The Hindu children presented themselves with colorful traditional dress to illustrate the culture of India. They also brought homemade food to share with everyone; creating a joyful festival mood. Finally, Mrs. Santhi spoke about celebrating Dewali..


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