Panettone Sale

Manila – The annual sale of panettone continued this year beginning November 29th. The traditional Christmas bread is baked with patience and love by one of our staff, with Bro. Mauro, religious brother from Italy, and the seminarians. The bread was sold to different parishes, friends and benefactors. This is an income-generating project of the Servants of Charity every December for the benefit of the residents of Guanella Home for Special Children.


10 thoughts on “Panettone Sale

      1. this was soooo yummy!!! given to us 2 years ago and since then.. i always asked for this as my friend’s Christmas present to me yearly
        .. hm?? 🙂

      2. JMJ
        Dear Marie,
        I am praying that this year will be the same and you get another delicious Panettone! The Residents of Guanella Center are so thrilled to be part of the process and are happy that you enjoy the gift. May you be blessed abundantly.

    1. JMJ
      Dear Muriel,
      I think they have completed the sale for this year, but do stop in to the Guanella Center and check with Br. Mauro. YOu may get more than just a Pannettone. A good blessing for sure.

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