Cooperators Choose Leadership

Chelsea – The Guanellian Cooperators in Michigan created a “leadership team” to help guide them in focusing on their goals and objectives for 2016. The first formal meeting of these Cooperators was held on December 3rd at St. Louis Center with Fr. Joseph Rinaldo serving as the group’s “delegate.” The delegate is a member of the Servants of Charity who serves as the spiritual animator of the group and is committed to the formation of the individuals who make up the group. There were 35 members in attendance for the first meeting. Fr. Joseph began the meeting with prayer and provided historical context for the Guanellian Cooperators, also known as the “third leg” of the Guanellian stool. Following Fr. Joseph’s presentation, nominations were taken to select a new group of leaders; President – Kenneth Klovski, Vice-President – Sharon Pignanelli, Secretary – Mark Martel, Treasurer – Richard Hollo and Trustee – Donald McDevitt. The leadership determined that they would meet on the second Thursday of the month, and their early goals were to strengthen their spiritual formation and more deeply study the life of St. Louis Guanella.


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