Ministry Conferred

Manila – Bro. Alfie Matulac received the Ministry of Lector on March 19th, Solemnity of St. Joseph. During Mass, Fr. Loyola Diraviam, homilist and main presider, stressed the importance of imitating and learning from St. Joseph who was holy, obedient and silent. The Ratio Formationis stressed that those who receive the Ministry of Lector must love and have a good knowledge of Holy Scriptures, tradition and the Magisterium, as well as the functional value of the heeded, meditated, announced and witnessed Word. The confreres, Guanellian Sisters, friends and beneficiaries also celebrated and gave thanks to the Lord for the college graduation of aspirant, Generoso Daing. He received a BA in Philosophy from St. Anthony Mary Claret College.


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