Orthopedics Camp

Chennai – An Orthopedics camp was organized on March 8th by Don Guanella Special School. Dr. Sundar, a Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, was the chief consultant at the camp. Measurements of splints for the beneficiaries, including students from DGSS and other schools, were recorded on this day. On the 20th, the aids and appliances were distributed to the beneficiaries of the Orthopedics camp. Dr. Sundar, who is also the MD of the Freedom Trust with the joint venture of Sun Orthotics and Prosthetics Center and DGSS, sponsored the appliances for eighty people. To express their gratitude, a small cultural program was given by the Special children. Fr. S.A. Lourduraj welcomed and honored the benefactors on behalf of the gathering. Following the presentations, the appliances were distributed to the beneficiaries by the guests. Mrs. Malar, a special educator from Sarva Shiksha Abiyan, thanked the gathering to conclude the event.


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