Blessed Clare Bosatta

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Blessed Clare Bosatta’s beatification in Rome. On this occasion we are launching a campaign of prayers and sacrifices for the Canonization of Blessed Clare. Through a prayer list, supported by all the Guanellian Religious and the Guanellian Cooperators we will pray to assist us in our spiritual and physical weaknesses. We invite all the people of God to join the Guanellian Family in the effort to have the Church recognize the sanctity of Blessed Clare.
We ask everyone connected to Blessed Clare, to let us know of any graces received.
Anyone can request Holy cards and biographies of Blessed Clare.
Clare was a young girl who at the young age of 29, reached the summit of sanctity, not only that which is known to God alone, as it is for the majority of Christians, but one proposed as a model for all the Church with her beatification proclaimed in Rome, by the Pope, now St. John Paul II, on April 21, 1991.
St. Louis Guanella had a strong influence on Clare’s spirituality. We can understand how his deep relationship with Sr. Clare was decisive for his experience as a Christian, priest, spiritual guide and founder.
Through the writings of Father Guanella, we feel brought to our knees and pray to obtain the mystery of Spirit that opened the road in the life of this young woman. Their relationship was a flowing conversation between two saints who poured their hearts, thoughts and prayers to each others heart.
For Graces received through the intercession of blessed Clare, or request of holy cards or Biographies, please write to:
Blessed Clare Bosatta
St. Louis Center
16195 Old US 12
Chelsea, MI 48118
Tel: 734 475 8430

Download Holy Card Here


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