Goals of our Education

Cuddalore – St. Joseph’s Evening School academic year 2016–2017 was solemnly inaugurated on June 15th at St. Joseph’s Seminary. Fr. Francis Assisi, SdC, Rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary, the past and present directors of the program and other priests from the community attended the ceremony. Fr. Francis thanked the previous director, Fr. Maria Paul, SdC, for his tremendous work and achievements and welcomed the new director, Fr. Amalraj, SdC, to lead the group. Fr. Francis said that this tuition program is mainly to enhance the moral and academic formation of the poor children of the area. Fr. Amalraj revealed his annual plan for the program, “Intelligence plus Character formation – the Goal of our Education.” He also said that all students must strive hard to be ‘their best’ in everything, because that is the greatest gift one can offer to God. Let us educate the poor to excel, it is God’s commission. After cultural presentations and refreshments the program ended.


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