Guanella Anbagam Inaugurates Seventh Year

Sivagangai – Don Guanella Special School, Guanella Anbagam, prepared a special event to kick off the 2016-2017 academic year. Joining current students were many new students to experience Guanellian love and charity. The inauguration of this seventh year was special because of the presence of Fr. Soosai, Provincial Superior, and his Council; the local superior, Fr. Kulandaisamy; superiors from other communities; Fr. Thomas, the spiritual director; and Mrs. Abbatte Guiliana, Vice President of ASCI. After Mass, Fr. Soosai made a gesture of love and gratitude to Fr. Paul Raj, SdC who was the previous director and welcomed Fr. Paul Francis, SdC to succeed him in this ministry of love. The children performed an enthusiastic cultural program which was organized by Fr. Stalin SdC. Yesuvanam brothers and Anbagam children added beauty to the day. “Serving the poor is crowning our soul with a heavenly diadem”.


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