Power within Everyone

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School organized a parent meeting on July 9th. It was a time where everyone’s parents expressed the hopes that they have for their children. Fr. Prakesh organized and guided the children during the meeting. The session began with the open dialogue among children and the parents. Children related their difficulties in studying and dealing with different things in the modern world. Parents expressed and their expectations from their children, their hopes for the future. Initially it was a bit difficult to convince each of the others’ view point, but Fr. Prakesh, a familiar person to them, was able to clarify. His advice to the parents was, “Don’t worry about what a child will become tomorrow and forget that he is someone today. We are not only parents to the children but we must also be a good friend to them first, so they will share openly.” To the children he said, “your parents foresee what is best for you, in response you must be obedient to them. You will see eventually that it is good for parents, children and the world.” Refreshments were served and the program ended with a worship song led by the +2 students.


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