Spiritual Food for the Guanellian Family

Bangalore – Spiritual nourishment was offered at a day-long recollection for the Brothers, Sisters, Guanellian Cooperators and Guanellian Lay Movement members at Guanella Preethi Nivas on August 20th. The day started with a welcome from Fr. Adaikalam, invoking the Holy Spirit and reciting the Rosary. Bro. Anthony, a preacher from Kerala, gave a wonderful talk. He is a holy man to whom Mother Mary has appeared 8 times and there are many miracles that has happened. He shared his faith and insights about the power of the Rosary. We were amazed to learn that when reciting the Rosary, verses from the Bible are repeated 136 times.It is a recitation of the words Abba Father told Mary through the angel and the prayer that Jesus taught. Bro. Anthony explained that for a good Catholic it is important to make confession at least once a month and practice family prayer to have peace in the home. The group spent time with the Lord in Adoration and had the opportunity for confession. The day concluded with Holy Mass, thanking God for the beautiful gift of life.

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