Parish Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Kumbakonam – The official inauguration of “Our Lady of Divine Providence” parish was August 20 , 2006. As St. Guanella believes in God’s providence, we too look back with satisfaction and joy for this belief. Over the past ten years, the Parish has seen a lot of growth and development. Fr. Ligory expressed his desire to offer a thanksgiving Mass to mark this event and took the initiative to organize it. Fr. A. John Bosco, the Parish priest joyfully accepted his request. Mass was con-celebrated by nine priests: Frs. Ligory, S.P. Samy, Dhurai Raj, Bakthis, George Vinsula, Arputha Raj, Loyola,  Amal Raj,  Vincent and Fr. A. John Bosco. Bro. Kalai Kovan, and Srs. Arputham and Kumari also attended. A historical recollection was shared by Fr. George after communion. Mr. Balu, Vice President, welcomed the Confreres while parishioners and Parish Councilors honored them with shawls. Fr. A. John Bosco presented a brief history of the erection of the Parish, dedication by the Very Rev. Bishop Peter Remigius and he mentioned the ‘Pioneer Priest,’ Fr. Paneer Raja, and Fr. S.P. Samy and Deacon Durai Raj. He thanked the Lord for His blessings throughout these 10 years. The celebration closed with coffee and a social. May Our Lady of Divine Providence help us with her providential hand that the parish may witness her love and care in the years to come.

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