Two Great Feasts

Kumbakonam – Guanella Nagar Parish celebrated the feast of St. Francis Xavier in Thirupurampiam and Our Lady of Good Health in Chinammal Kallarai. The First feast at Thirupurampiam began on August 26th with flag hoisting and solemn Mass, celebrated by Fr. Amaithi Arasu, Chancellor of the Kumbakonam Diocese. The following two days events included solemn Holy Mass followed by the Car Procession Blessed by Rev. Fr. B. John Bosco. On the final day, the flag was lowered after Mass. This event brought Ecumenism among the Hindus and the Christians. It was well organized by the Hindu faithful who assisted with the grand celebration.
To mark the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Second Feast at Chinammal Kalarai began on August 29th with the flag hoisting, a penitential service and solemn Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Felix Samuel, Secretary for the Family Commission. Fr. A. John Bosco, Parish Priest, arranged for the Sacrament of Penance. Fr. Felix prepared the people spiritually for many who desired Confession. Fr. Kirubagaran, Liturgy Commission, preached the Homily. He said in his homily that the parents of our Mother Mary were simple people of great hope.
The culmination of the celebration was High Mass on August 30th. Rev. Fr. T. Devadoss, parish priest and V. F, of St. Mary’s Cathedral, was the main celebrant and Fr. B. John Bosco, Secretary for the Bible Commission, preached the Homily and blessed the Car procession which followed Mass. The statue of Our Lady of Good Health was carried through the streets. On the following day, \Fr. G. Christhu Raj, \ Director for St. Mary’s ITI, celebrated the feast day Mass and lowered the flag. Mr. Socrates and Mr. Thavidhu honored the priests, sisters and brothers with shawls. The faithful shared cake and tea to bring the celebration to a close.


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