Mission Experience for GLM

Andhra Pradesh – The Guanellian Lay Movement and Guanellian Cooperators from Bangalore paid a visit to the Andhra Mission house October 8-9th. An orientation was given by Fr. Sunil about what mission activities are carried out by Guanellian priests and sisters in Andhra. The Bangalore group had an opportunity to meet with the GLM members of Andhra to exchange experiences and address questions. Amongst them were some youngsters who were inclined to join GLM. They will soon begin formation in the Guanellian Youth Movement, eventually with membership in the GLM. The seminarians spoke with the members from Bangalore and learned the involvement of lay persons within the Guanellian family and how they form the 3rd leg of the Congregation. There was also time to spend with the differently-abled who joined in the Eucharistic celebrations and lunch. The Andhra & Bangalore GLM, 35 members strong, visited the village, extending their support to a poor family where the breadwinner was differently-abled. This mission experience which integrated Bangalore and Andhra was organized by Fr. Peter Sebastian and executed by Fr. Ronald and Fr. Sunil. Special thanks to Fr. Visuvasam and Fr. Adaikalam for bringing the group together.

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