Inter-Novitiate Course

Bangalore – The novices of the Hennur Zone in Bangalore had an opportunity to participate in the Inter-Novitiate course held in the Guanella Preethi Nivas community. Approximately seventy novices from nine congregations attended the five day course based on the theme, “Discernment of Spirits.” Rev. Fr. Terance Farias, SJ from the Indian Social Institute, Bangalore, enlightened them with his talks and spiritual exercises. The course was intended to help the novices with their vocational discernment and to respond faithfully to God. They learned from the course that there could only be three voices that command our actions. They were the voice of God, the voice of the Evil One and the voice of one’s own selfishness. They learned how to distinguish these voices from their fruits, and were trained to follow only the voice of God, who provides the inner peace that lasts.


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