Disability is Not Inability

Cuddalore – According to St. Louis Guanella, “Disability is not inability but a different possibility.” The Guanellian fathers, sisters and brothers and GLM from Cuddalore commenced “World Special People Day” on October 23rd at St. Joseph’s Seminary. The theme was “Raise Humanness – Taste Holiness”. The event was facilitated by Dr. P. K. Kumaragurubaran M.M.B.S., D.P.H (Municipal & Port Health Officer, Cuddalore Municipality). More than one-thousand differently-abled people participated in the event. Their presence and their performances were heart-warming. The statement that ran throughout the program was “as ordinary human beings, no one has the right to belittle, underestimate, or reject people who are differently-abled. They are the faces of God, and should be cherished and honored. They provide us with lessons to face our insurmountable pain in life. Make them partners of your happiness and success, and God will come your way.” At the climax of the event the special children were honored with gifts and a meal.


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