Spiritual Journey with St. Louis Guanella

Cuddalore – The young students, training for Guanellian religious priesthood were given an opportunity to make a nine day spiritual journey with St. Louis Guanella and his holy virtues. Each day leading up to the Founder’s feast was adorned with a special theme and animated adoration and reflection on it by Aspirants. It was a great help for the young seminarians to strengthen their knowledge about the founder and grow in holiness in his footsteps. The themes were; St. Louis Guanella and his Holiness; and his Dependence on Divine Providence; his Love for the Holy Eucharist; his Marian Devotion; his Sanctifying Mortification, his rehabilitating Charity; his fourth Vow – Hospitality; his energizing Prayer Life; and his acts Mercy. The Novena culminated with holy Mass, organized by Sagaya Matha Parish, Samupillai Nagar with the entire Cuddalore Community: St. Joseph’s Seminary, Don Guanella Boys Home, Divine Providence Hostel, St. Guanella Open House Ministry, St. Joseph’s Evening School and neighboring priests, religious, brothers, GLM, parishioners and the beneficiaries of our house.


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