Vocation Drive

Chennai – The DGMS community held a vocation drive October 25-30th facilitated by Fr. Prakash, Vocation Promoter, in Tamil Nadu and by Fr. Sunil Francis in Andhra Pradesh. The Theology brothers divided into two groups and were sent. First group went to Salem Diocese, Tamil Nadu, with special permission of the Bishop. They were welcomed by parish priests and Catholic institutions with fraternal joy. In three days they visited Attur, Mount, Agragaram and other parishes and institutions. Most of the students responded quite positively. The second group went to Andhra Pradesh with the guidance of Telugu speaking confreres. They met many students and introduced the congregation. There too, our brothers received a positive response from the students. We thank God, our Mother Mary and our beloved Founder, who accompanied the brothers during their journeys. We hope that in coming years more vocations will come to our congregation.

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