Newness and the Least Brethren Today!

Nowadays, our world and society are filled with new happenings and changes. In the USA, November 8th was a memorable day because of the election of President-Elect Mr. Donald Trump. In India, our Prime Minister suddenly introduced the “Demonetization” process which is considered a “historic step” to eradicate black money circulation. It’s also sad to see long queues caused by the exchange problems and inconveniences in distribution. Small farmers, sellers, daily wage laborers, traders and peasants are suffering from this sudden change.
To help remedy these situations, we are entering into the liturgical season of “Advent” which prepares the way for the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas. It is a time of great change because many values prevalent in our Christian societies are becoming too self-centered and very materialistic. We should concentrate on at least one annoying habit or some deviation which is stealing our joy and peace of mind from Jesus. Our mind and heart must undergo profound changes in our personal spiritual life to be aware of God’s presence and existence in this season.
Jesus Christ assumed our whole humanity through His Incarnation, and identified with the poor, the suffering, and the weak of society; but in the name of newness and constant change these people are being victimized and cornered. In his recent Apostolic letter, “Mercy and Misery,” our beloved Pope Francis in concluding the Year of Mercy, solicited the pragmatic aspect of Mercy. He calls on Catholics to work to “restore dignity to people, especially those who do not have work, do not have a house, are marginalized, are hungry, have to migrate, are in prison in inhumane conditions or do not have access to education.”
May this Advent season and Christmas celebration bring a more existential and religious vision, “the Word, being God, became man and though He was rich, became poor.


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