Christmas Giving

As we go about our lives this Christmas season, bustling in and out of stores, seeking to truly take part in the spirit of giving, wanting to help out those most in need; keep in mind what is important to Christ and His Church. There are so many worthy organizations in need of support and stores at which to purchase your goods that we should be mindful of putting our money where our morals are.

Sure it’s easy to drop a few coins into the red kettle on the way out of the local store or pop into the neighborhood big box store for one-stop bargain shopping. But if we look into the policies, mission and morals of those seeking our hard earned incomes, we might have a second thought about unloading our wallets at certain places whose corporate policies don’t match our beliefs. This Christmas season, and throughout the year, take a few minutes to look into the organizations which you intend to support before swiping your card, writing the check or dropping coins into a can.

The Salvation Army mission states that it “is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.” They are an organization that does good to be sure, but controversy surrounds their policies regarding abortion in the international organization.

Target is a well like big box store in many of our own communities, it stocks many trendy and desirable items as well as household cleaning supplies and groceries in most locations. There have been boycotts and controversies surrounding corporate policies for some time including their support of same sex unions and transgender bathroom issues.

We could go on, but instead, let’s imagine some of the things we could do that would truly make a difference and help to build up the kingdom of God:

  • Send some encouraging Christmas cards to incarcerated persons. Use those coins for postage instead of putting them in the kettle.
  • Spend some time at the neighborhood retirement center instead of the big box store. I’m sure that a card game or a conversation there would be more fulfilling for everyone involved.
  • Decide as a family to forego presents all together. Use the money that would have been spent on presents to give to a local food pantry, crisis pregnancy center or homeless shelter.

Of course the possibilities are endless of how you can spend your time and treasure in a way that glorifies God and remains faithful to the core teachings of Christ and His Church. The main thing is to just take some time and educate yourself on the issues and decide where you truly want to spend your hard earned money that will do the most good. And a good place to start is on your knees. May you all be blessed this Advent and Christmas!

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