Formators and Vocation Promoters Meet

Bangalore – The annual meeting for the formators and vocation promoters of the Divine Providence Province was held on November 29th at Guanella Preethi Nivas. The central theme of the meeting was “a new pedagogy for integral formation to the priesthood and consecrated life in India.” The meeting was led by Fr. Soosai Rathinam SdC, Provincial Superior, with presentations by Fr. Joe Mathiayas SJ. Frs. Samson, Gnanaraj, Francis, and Prakash SdC organized the event. The central messages drawn from the meeting were:

  • Formation is not just a mere human action but is also Trinitarian and divine. God the Father is the formator and “the activity of the Father through the Spirit molds the hearts of persons in formation according to the mind of the Son”.
  • God the Father, in the continuous gift of Christ and the Spirit, is the formator par excellence of the one consecrated to Him. But in this work God is also served by the mediating role of human persons, matured in faith and discipleship.
  • The one who serves in such a ministry is placed as a mediator between God’s action and the human response and must therefore be one who knows both the human and the divine heart well.
  • Formation “ought to be formation of the whole person” in every aspect of his or her individuality, behavior, and intentions.” The heart, reason, will, memory, imagination, senses, desires, tastes, the conscious and unconscious everything ideally ought to be the object of attention in formation; so that the new person in Christ can really come to life.
  • Moreover, “formation, in order to be total, must encompass all the aspects of Christian and consecrated life. Thus there must be spiritual, human, intellectual, cultural and pastoral preparation which aids the harmonious integration of the various aspects.”
  • For vocation promotion, all the members of the congregation must toil and sweat. All must attract candidates by witnessing through their lifestyle, spiritual grounding, maturity and innovative programs. After recruiting candidates, the formators must accompany them and assist them to know and discern the choice and service.

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