New Home for Charity

Cuddalore – The Charity of Christ should urge all souls dedicated to Him to be dedicated to those who say, “I have no one in the world.” Extending charity draws souls closer to sanctity, for charity will save the world. With this spiritual vibrancy the Guanellian family under the guidance of Fr. Visuwasam SdC, with the help of local sources, has prepared a new House for the works of charity in the area. This is meant for daily evening school programs for the poor children nearby and Sunday open house ministry for the homeless without food, clothing and shelter. The house was inaugurated and blessed by Fr. A. John Bosco SdC in the honorable presence of Fr. Soosai, Provincial Superior and his Council and other Guanellian confreres. The words of the Founder, “as long as there are poor to be assisted in the world, there is no end for the works of charity” was in the hearts of those present.


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