Food for the Soul

By Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC

Did you have to change the hole in your belt after the Christmas holidays? I did: ashamed and worried. Your body is the temple of the spirit of God. Respect it. There is food for the body and food for the soul. So, what are we waiting for? A person is not just a physical being, but a unity of body and spirit. And while the body may be finite, the spirit is indestructible. What if we learn to tap the power of our spirits in order to nourish our hearts and bodies? Miracles happen in countless people’s lives, but they all have one common denominator: they were believers. We need to realize a truth: there are more life sustaining nutrients in a positive mind and a cheerful disposition than there is in a prime rib.
Good health starts with a good soul. It begins with a kind and giving heart. It also means that one should be forgiving. Our body is the temple of the spirit of God. Respect it by looking after yourself. Do not desecrate your body. If you do, then you also taint your spirit. There is nothing wrong with comfort food. But when you are depressed, turn to spiritual matters to lift you up. Find comfort in prayer and meditation instead of finding solace in food. It will not give comfort because it can give you more calories. Thus one week of overindulging will lead to weight gain.
Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. While doing your daily walk, exercise your mind on uplifting matters. When you train your body, remember to keep your soul fit too. Feel the love. It is called the most powerful force on earth. When there is love, there can be no fear. The heart needs to stay in good shape as well. So allow yourself to love and be loved. People who do not accept the love of others feel that they are unworthy of love. Think healthy to be healthy. Focus on the beautiful, awe inspiring and noble in life, in yourself and others. There is always a redeeming quality in people, especially you. You just need to let go of your biases. Think big to see the big picture. Think small and you get to see only the smallness and pettiness in life.
This, plus the negativity you are feeding on. Avoid gossip at all times. It can only lead to self destruction. If you have nothing good to say, zip your mouth. Practice kindness. Be kind to yourself and others.
This is what I preached to myself. Does it sound to you like a New Year’s Resolution?
I would like to share the results with you before Easter. God bless.


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