Lay Good Samaritans Gather

Chennai – For the 5th consecutive year forming and bringing the GLM together was indeed a blessing. Our Founder taught that the Laity must participate in the Guanellian mission. It is evident where the GLM is present in Andhra, Bangalore, Chennai, Kumbakonam, Sivagangai and now Krishna Berry. Around 40 representatives from each location gathered in Chennai for a 2 day retreat which involved seminars on Christian Values, Guanellian Spirituality, duties and responsibilities of the laity as mentioned in Vatican II. The group was enriched with these sessions by Fr. Visuvasam, Fr. Adaikalam and Fr. Francis respectively. The members were happy to look back and share their success stories. The baseline was that we walk together to be a Good Samaritan. The Guanellian Cooperators were also invited for the meeting as a means of grooming and mentoring the GLM members. The GC Secretary made a presentation on what is necessary to be a GC member, what is the vocation, how to prepare oneself, how important is the formation and that it is truly an independent decision made by a GLM member to become the third wing of the Congregation. The spirit of the group must be appreciated because the event took place during the festival time. The festival was celebrated as Guanellian Family with games to bond them and lift their spirits.


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