‘Pongalo Pongal’

Bangalore – Pongal Festival is an expression of thanksgiving to nature and God. The Guanella Preethi Nivas community fathers, brothers, sisters and the oratory children were so happy to celebrate this festival on January 14th. The staff and children dressed up in dhoti and saree creating a complete festive mood on the campus. The celebration began with traditional games and a cooking competition. The children were divided into three groups, provided with rice and ingredients to prepare the traditional food in an earthen pot. While the food was cooking, the children enjoyed games like tug-of-war, sack race and sugarcane eating. The highlight of this celebration was Rangoli. The groups presented massive, colorful works of art that were judged by the chief guests, GLM members Mr. Chinnaraj and Mrs. Shanthi Mary. Everyone was astounded by their creative and innovative Rangoli. When the Pongal was ready the crowd cried out, “pongalo pongal!” Fr. Ganaraj tasted each pongal and appreciated the groups who prepared it. Afterwards it was distributed among the children who went home with warm, sweet pongal and happy memories.


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