Inter-Novitiate Program

Bangalore – Consecration is a sacred purpose and it is a joyous sacrifice. Consecration of oneself is the core belief of religious life. Each and everyone offers themselves to God by saying ‘Yes.’ First of all we need to have a comprehensive understanding of what consecration means. To know this at the very beginning of religious life, our Guanellian novices and novices from other congregations, attended a course entitled, ‘Consecration for the Mission’ in order to consecrate for God’s mission. Fr. Jerry SJ, a world renowned and versatile person, gave a challenging insight on the demands of Consecrated life and the Mission of God. The program was organized at National Biblical Catechetical Liturgical Centre, NBCLC, Bangalore. Around 71 novices from 10 Congregations attended. The talk was so enriching and inspiring for the novices to live the mission of God through genuine dedication.


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