Charity Honored

Cuddalore – St. Louis Guanella beautifully stated that “Charity will save the World”. Being inspired by the Guanellian works of charity, Ms. Anita joined GLM to involve herself in the ministry of mercy through her little ways. Gradually then she became a regular volunteer for the Guanellian Apostolate in the area. In particular she is a regular volunteer at Don Guanella Open House Ministry or Mercy-Ministry to homeless wanderers in Cuddalore every Sunday. Noticing her heart for the neglected, her love for the abandoned and her significant service to the poor and needy “The Pen Queen Organization” run by Suriyan FM Radio Group chose and awarded her as “Woman of the Year for Social Service” in Cuddalore. While being honored she happily expressed her joy of being a member of the Guanellian family and mission. She thanked all Guanellians for their charitable guidance in her life.


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