Stante Excavation to the Rescue

A previous construction project at St. Joseph Hall on the campus of St. Louis Center led to the unintended consequence of water leaking into the basement and creating a hazardous situation in the lower level of the building. On Wednesday, April 19th, Mario Stante and his crew from Stante Excavation lent a hand and their […]

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Village Progress Continues

Chelsea – Here in Michigan, we were finally able to say goodbye to our cold winter weather during the month of April, and an explosion of activity took place in the creation of St. Louis Guanella Village. Because of all of the preparation work that had been done, the first children’s home began going up fast during the third week of the month, as exterior and interior walls were built on top of the foundation, and roofing materials were added to the roof joists. The foundation was poured for the second home, and tangible results can now be seen on a daily basis.

Catholic School is Fun

E. Providence – Catholic Schools Week was a fun-filled week at Sacred Heart School. We had Crazy Hair Day, Pajama Day, Principal, Teacher, & Pastor Appreciation Days, and ended the week with a Mass celebrated by our Principal, Fr. Peter. One of the highlights of the week was a volleyball game where the Faculty/Staff/PTO plays the 8th grade. It was a close game but the 8th graders won!

Pray for an End to Violence Against Police

Pray for an End to Violence against Police

Take a few moments to read the article by one of our Guanellian Cooperators about an increase of violence against police officers in the United States. Let us pray for all of the men and women who protect citizens against crime and violence. The article was originally published in “Now and at the Hour’ magazine, a bi-monthly publication from the Pious Union of St. Joseph in Grass Lake MI.

Holy Hour for Life

In an effort to bring the Guanellian Cooperators together spiritually, a Holy Hour was planned for January 26th. To help deepen each Cooperator in the Guanellian charism, the hope is that each month a Holy Hour will be offered.

The first Holy Hour was held as pilgrims were headed to Washington DC for the 2017 March for Life, the Guanellian Cooperators gathered in the St. Louis Center Chapel to pray for their safety, a successful March and for an end to the evil of abortion. Fr. David Stawasz, SdC, offered Adoration and Benediction for the occasion. Jerome, an SLC resident, played hymns on the organ and Cooperators read scripture that reminded us of the importance of choosing life. Deuteronomy (30, 15-20) tells us that God always gives us the opportunity to choose Him and implores us that by doing so we will be abundantly blessed.  The second reading from Romans (12, 1-2, 9-18) urges us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice not to be conformed to this age but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. We are to give ourselves fully for the good of others and to live in peace with all.

The Gospel of John (15, 9-17) about loving your neighbor as yourself was the backdrop for Fr. David’s homily.  He wanted to convey how much the Church values life from conception to natural death. Though most everyone understands the Churches views on abortion, he taught that in cases of persons with terminal or debilitating illness the Church does not require any extraordinary means to sustain life, but what is basic for the dignity of a human person.

Judy Koenn gave her personal testimony as a mother, wife and Christian. Because of her personal trials and hardships she wants everyone to understand that, “God is the restorer of all things. There is nothing that God won’t forgive us of. The only thing that can separate us from God are the sins of our past.” She encouraged everyone to seek His forgiveness; to turn and follow Him. She even spoke of the experience of sitting on a bench in Grand Rapids with a full size statue of Jesus reclined there. She said that you can nestle in close and feel His embrace in a moving way. She encouraged us to imagine ourselves, especially in our darkest moments, to be in the arms of Jesus. She used the gift of her beautiful singing voice to enliven her message.

The Holy Hour, which attracted 25 participants, was very moving and a great kick-off for more spiritually enriching activities sponsored by the Guanellian Cooperators. Special thanks to Sr. Andrea Curran, DSMP; Fr. Amal, SdC; and Fr. Franklin, SdC for their assistance in preparing the Holy Hour.

Guanellian Family Celebrates a Saint

Chelsea – The Servants of Charity and Daughters of St. Mary of Providence communities came together on Saturday, October 29th to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Louis Guanella (October 24th) with a special Mass and dinner at nearby St. Mary Parish in Chelsea, MI. Most Rev. Bishop Emeritus Carl Mengeling of the Diocese of Lansing presided over the Mass, and was joined by Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, Provincial Treasurer; Fr. Enzo Addari, Administrator; Fr. David Stawasz, Asst. Admin.; Fr. Satheesh Alphonse, Director – PUSJ; new Frs. Franklin, Amal and Leo Joseph;  Most Rev. (Canon) William J. Turner of St. Mary Parish; and DSMP Sisters Ann Hubler and Andrea Curran. During his homily, Bishop Mengeling spoke of the history of St. Guanella, and repeated his most famous phrase that, “It is God who Works!” He went on to talk about the importance of caring for persons with disabilities and the elderly, and our responsibility to carry out God’s mission here on earth. Following the Mass, a dinner was held in the parish hall for over 100 people who enjoyed food donated by Gina Pantely of the Chelsea Grill, and the Guanellian Cooperators who were present came together for a photo with the religious who were present.

Christmas Giving

As we go about our lives this Christmas season, bustling in and out of stores, seeking to truly take part in the spirit of giving, wanting to help out those most in need; keep in mind what is important to Christ and His Church. There are so many worthy organizations in need of support and stores at which to purchase your goods that we should be mindful of putting our money where our morals are.

Sure it’s easy to drop a few coins into the red kettle on the way out of the local store or pop into the neighborhood big box store for one-stop bargain shopping. But if we look into the policies, mission and morals of those seeking our hard earned incomes, we might have a second thought about unloading our wallets at certain places whose corporate policies don’t match our beliefs. This Christmas season, and throughout the year, take a few minutes to look into the organizations which you intend to support before swiping your card, writing the check or dropping coins into a can.

The Salvation Army mission states that it “is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.” They are an organization that does good to be sure, but controversy surrounds their policies regarding abortion in the international organization.

Target is a well like big box store in many of our own communities, it stocks many trendy and desirable items as well as household cleaning supplies and groceries in most locations. There have been boycotts and controversies surrounding corporate policies for some time including their support of same sex unions and transgender bathroom issues.

We could go on, but instead, let’s imagine some of the things we could do that would truly make a difference and help to build up the kingdom of God:

  • Send some encouraging Christmas cards to incarcerated persons. Use those coins for postage instead of putting them in the kettle.
  • Spend some time at the neighborhood retirement center instead of the big box store. I’m sure that a card game or a conversation there would be more fulfilling for everyone involved.
  • Decide as a family to forego presents all together. Use the money that would have been spent on presents to give to a local food pantry, crisis pregnancy center or homeless shelter.

Of course the possibilities are endless of how you can spend your time and treasure in a way that glorifies God and remains faithful to the core teachings of Christ and His Church. The main thing is to just take some time and educate yourself on the issues and decide where you truly want to spend your hard earned money that will do the most good. And a good place to start is on your knees. May you all be blessed this Advent and Christmas!

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Chelsea – Begun as an outing to teach their sons the meaning of charity, the Dad & Lad Golf Outing celebrated its 19th year at Twin Lakes Golf Course in Rochester Hills on August 3rd. Along with the 144 golfers who filled the course, another 106 patrons came for dinner to support the residents of […]

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Chelsea – Each summer the Notre Dame Club of Jackson, MI sponsors two intern positions at St. Louis Center; giving the students a first hand opportunity to learn the corporal works of mercy and to further their education. One of this year’s University of Notre Dame students was Allison. For part of her class requirement […]

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Patriotic Parade — stlouiscenter

Chelsea – Caitlin Blomquist, Fitness Specialist with the Fitness for Life program, planned a Fourth of July parade for all of the participants of St. Louis Center. Sarah played the recorder as everyone marched around the Special Needs Playground and the kickball field. Each person decorated a t-shirt for the festivities with the best designs […]

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