Lay Members Meet

Cuddalore – GLM members gathered on August 19th at Don Guanella Boys Home for its second meeting which began with Adoration of Blessed Sacrament. Miss Anitha shared how our Founder spent his time in Adoration and his devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Fr. Visuvasam quoted examples from the lives of the saints and re-emphasized the need for the same devotion in our own lives. It will make our life more successful. Then some ordination experiences were shared and planning for the founder’s feast day celebration was discussed. The meeting came to an end with a prayer.


Laity Honors St. Guanella

Bangalore – Every year the Guanella Preethi Nivas family proudly celebrates the Novena to our Founder as preparation for his feast. On October 18th the Guanellian Cooperators & Guanellian Lay Movement members lead the Novena. Many members came, though it was a work-day. In our formation we are taught how our Founder clung to the Eucharist to fuel himself to do God’s work, so the evening began with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. During Adoration there was a reading from the Constitutions: articles 1 & 2 and a reading from the Gospel. Fr. Fernandez shared a reflection, he began by asking us if we were proud to be part of the Guanellian Family? When the Church did not trust his vision and his own family didn’t understand him, it was the Laity who encouraged and supported him. They knew Fr. Guanella was doing something extraordinary, good in the eyes of God and they admired his work. Hence, Fr. Guanella believed that where the Clergy & Religious cannot reach, the Laity can and they are an integral part of the Guanellian mission; each might have different opinions, but our Founder confided more in the Laity. The Laity should remember that you have not chosen to do this work but it is God alone who called each one to do his mission. We must remember always to give credit to God alone and He will reward us for our good deeds. On the day of the Feast the foundation stone was laid for a Multipurpose Hall at GPN, this hall will be utilized for the evening tuition children, activities of the aged home and more. As our Founder believed the laity are important for the mission, Fr. Gnanaraj, Superior, and Fr. Adaikalam, Delegate (GC&GLM), had the names of the members written on the bricks, which made them feel more responsible towards the mission and the house, and blessed the site for the future structure. A chariot for St. Guanella was beautifully decorated by the Guanellian Youth. It was blessed and the Religious, laity and benefactors (Christian and otherwise) processed to the Chapel reciting the Rosary. Solemn Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Anthonysamy, Chancellor from the Diocese. There was a sumptuous meal offered to all Feastday participants.


Clubbing group processes to Grotto

Adoration at PUSJGrass Lake – In line with our spirituality and mission we are offering the local Church some spiritual activities for the benefit of youth, families, sick and aging persons. Among them is an overnight monthly adoration at the Shrine of St. Joseph. The third “Clubbing with Jesus” was on August 17th. The atmosphere of faith and the devotion of the participants impressed those joining for the first time. They were touched by the prayers, music and moments of silent contemplation of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. At midnight the Rosary was prayed while walking from the Grotto to the Shrine and carrying the image of the Blessed Mother. The next “Clubbing with Jesus” will be on September 22nd beginning at 8:00pm with Mass and ending the next morning at 4:00am.Clubbing group processes to Grotto

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Yesuvanam – On September 14th the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross was celebrated in the evening with a small procession from Guanella Anbagam to the Residence, ending with solemn Evening Prayers and adoration of the Crucifix.  The ceremony was closed with a solemn blessing.

GLM Meeting

GLM Meeting Bangalore

Render your hearts, Who long for your Love! Render your hands, Who long for daily bread! Render your service, To those who say, I have no one.”

GLM Meeting BangaloreBangalore – Guanella Preethi Nivas welcomed thirty lay people on July 8th for a Guanellian Lay Movement meeting. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, conducted by the Superior, Fr. Visuwasam, opened the meeting with God’s blessings. Fr. Visuwasam than thanked everyone for their past support and then invited them to pray for the soul of Mr. Prasanth’s father. Fr. Samson gave an overview of the GLM around the world. Mr. Dominic was elected as secretary and Mrs. Linnet as vice secretary for the coming year. Being inspired by Guanella’s quote, “Come let us work together to reach holiness” Mrs. Linnet said, “I was first introduced to the Guanellian mission in 2008. Since then, I have been an observer and a participant in many of the activities. I was touched by the dedication of fathers, sisters and brothers with which the elderly, destitute people were taken care. The assistance they give to the education of under privileged children is very inspiring. The way in which the novices are taught to follow the way of our Lord is highly commendable. I am proud to be a part of this family doing the will of God.” Fr. Visuwasam finished by unveiling the newly started ‘Preethi Nivas Trust.All members gave assurance that they would help the Guanellian Mission as much as possible. The evening ended with tea and snacks.