God is the Cause and He has Called Us

Bangalore - GLM Annual MeetingCuddalore – The 6th Annual Guanellian Lay Movement Meeting was January 20th-21st. This two-day program allowed office bearers and the delegated members from Andra, Bangalore, Chennai and Cuddalore to gather with great enthusiasm. It was a wonderful journey for the laity to experience and share the Guanellian spirit. Fr. Visuvasam, Provincial Delegate and local Superior, welcomed the group reminding them of the words of Pope Francis about the participation of the Laity and how our Founder encouraged the participation of the Laity in the mission. He spoke of the Guanellian Charism, “Paternity of God,” encouraging the laity to live their vocation, carry their cross and walk the Calvary with Christ as the focus. Fr. Rosario gave the next talk. He spoke of Christian Virtues, quoting from the Bible how Christ Himself showed trust in Abba Father by praying in silence before doing anything. Without God at the center we are only doing social service. We must spend time in prayer to gain strength to do God’s will. In prayer God will reveal and inspire us with a plan, show us the method to execute and fulfill His will.
The second day began with Adoration and Holy Mass. Fr. Francis gave the first talk, speaking about the three Virtues taught by our Founder. He said when we allow evil to be the sower the harvest will be pride, greed and lust. Whereas, when we allow God to be the sower the harvest will be humility, poverty and mortification through which we can overcome evil and do great good. A Guanellian Cooperator shared her journey from being a benefactor, GLM member and finally a Cooperator. Her experience inspired the members and helped them to understand how they too can become Guanellian Cooperators. The members’ spirits were strengthened and renewed to continue their good work.


Guanellian Lay Movement Meets

Cuddalore – The GLM members in Cuddalore gathered at Don Guanella Boys Home for their monthly meeting. The meeting began with Eucharistic adoration conducted by Fr. Visuwasam, and a special prayer for the whole congregation and all of the fathers and GLM members was offered. After a short orientation by Fr. Visuwasam, an open sharing took place. The central thread of this sharing was meant to strengthen the local GLM and its charitable activities. Fr. Kanikkairaj shared that the GLM members should feel at home and become ready-made servants of charity to join in the works of charity initiated by the congregation. They must participate with all of their skills, be they spiritual, material or charismatic. The meeting ended with a final prayer.

Annual Sports Meet

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home was happy to host the Annual Sports Meet on January 26th. Some events had preliminary preparations on January 2nd. Among the boys, two were chosen to organize the day’s events. The other boys were divided into four groups: Warriors, Adventurers, Rivals and Pirates of the Caribbean. The purpose of the event was to encourage health awareness, team spirit and unity among the boys. They were given time to prepare themselves for each event with support from the fathers. Moreover, it was not like past years, rather, their spirit to build the team in all the events was kindled. The sports meet ended with the team show on Republic Day presided over by Fr. Vincent.Sports Day 2

Let’s Work Together

GLM meeting

GLM meetingSivagangai – On Sunday evening May 11th Yesuvanam was filled with 22 GLM members who are assisting the growth of our congregation. The event began with opening prayers by Fr. Paulraj, followed by Adoration. Everyone participated fully with open hearts and minds. The meeting to elect the leadership team started after Adoration. They unanimously elected Mr. Selvaraj as leader, Mr. Sahayaraj as secretary, and administrator will be Fr. Kulandaisamy. They have decided to meet bi-monthly and to help with special occasions as necessary. They also promised to spread word of our mission everywhere throughout the Sivagangai diocese. Fr. Kulandaisamy, superior of the community, Fr. Paulraj, director of Anbagam, and Fr. Franklin, administrator of the community, facilitated the gathering. After tea and cake everyone went home happily.

Marian Spirituality Fostered in May

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E. Providence – May was a month full of spiritual growth for the students at Sacred Heart School. The second graders received their First Holy Communion and were featured in their Communion garments at the May Crowning. Mrs. Chalmers even brought the first graders to Adoration where they were all so excited to recite the Rosary in its entirety. Thank you Mary for guiding the children through the month dedicated to your honor.

Pious Union of St. Joseph

Pious Union sign in India

Pious Union sign in IndiaThe Pious Union of St. Joseph, a confraternity of Prayer for the Sick, Suffering and dying was founded by St. Louis Guanella at St. Joseph’s Basilica in Rome in the year 1914. Pope Pius X approved the movement and became its first member.  St. Joseph is the universal patron of the dying and the Pious Union of St. Joseph works under his patronage. The Pious Union of St. Joseph is spread throughout the world in many nations and the prime motive of the movement is to pray for the good health of the sick, a good death for the suffering and dying and for the salvation of departed souls.

The Movement has a GOLDEN BOOK, in which all the names of the sick and suffering are written and the movement offers continuous prayer for them. There are regular masses, Adoration, Rosaries and group prayers organized in the Guanellian Communities in India.

  • Every Wednesday 6 to 7 pm Adoration to pray for the sick, suffering and dying.
  • Every First Friday, Holy Mass for the sick, suffering and dying.

If you would like to become a member of the Pious Union of St. Joseph, contact the nearest Guanellian Religious Community in India. Your name will be enrolled and members will pray for the beloved sick and suffering amongst your family, relatives and friends.

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Yesuvanam – On September 14th the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross was celebrated in the evening with a small procession from Guanella Anbagam to the Residence, ending with solemn Evening Prayers and adoration of the Crucifix.  The ceremony was closed with a solemn blessing.

GLM Meeting

GLM Meeting Bangalore

Render your hearts, Who long for your Love! Render your hands, Who long for daily bread! Render your service, To those who say, I have no one.”

GLM Meeting BangaloreBangalore – Guanella Preethi Nivas welcomed thirty lay people on July 8th for a Guanellian Lay Movement meeting. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, conducted by the Superior, Fr. Visuwasam, opened the meeting with God’s blessings. Fr. Visuwasam than thanked everyone for their past support and then invited them to pray for the soul of Mr. Prasanth’s father. Fr. Samson gave an overview of the GLM around the world. Mr. Dominic was elected as secretary and Mrs. Linnet as vice secretary for the coming year. Being inspired by Guanella’s quote, “Come let us work together to reach holiness” Mrs. Linnet said, “I was first introduced to the Guanellian mission in 2008. Since then, I have been an observer and a participant in many of the activities. I was touched by the dedication of fathers, sisters and brothers with which the elderly, destitute people were taken care. The assistance they give to the education of under privileged children is very inspiring. The way in which the novices are taught to follow the way of our Lord is highly commendable. I am proud to be a part of this family doing the will of God.” Fr. Visuwasam finished by unveiling the newly started ‘Preethi Nivas Trust.All members gave assurance that they would help the Guanellian Mission as much as possible. The evening ended with tea and snacks.