Vocations on Vacation

Chennai – As the part of the program of theological formation, Don Guanella Major Seminary Brothers went on a four day vocation promotion to different parts of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh during their semester holidays. It is the practice of the Major seminary to send brothers to encourage young boys who show an interest to become future priests. This year five groups were organized to go, to invite and encourage the youngsters to serve the Lord through the Servants of Charity congregation. Brothers were organized in a systematic way to approach different parishes, schools and boarding schools to collect the names of the interested. After four days, the brothers returned to the seminary for their academic program. Thanks to the vocation promoter of the province and the good hearts of the seminarians who helped in this endeavor.


Bibles for All

Vatluru – It is an amazing gift of God. A well wisher donated 300 Bibles for the people of Sacred Heart Church. They were distributed in more than 8 villages. The people are very happy to hold the whole Bible in their hands during Mass as well as read them at home. Special thanks to the donor and the Guanellians. This is the work of Evangelization.

Visit of the Sister

Vatluru – It was a great joy that the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence visited the boys of Guanella Karunalaya at the beginning of the school year. They encouraged the boys to study well. The students performed dances and displayed their talents. A meal was shared and the evening enjoyed. It was a memorable day for the boys. If you visit, you will also be filled with joy

Marriage Festivals

Vatluru – During the months of May and June people in Andhra Pradesh begin to think of weddings. They are often arranged marriages; events in the family where a lot of money is spent. Many were not getting married because they were lacking in finances. Following local customs, many ceremonies are included which all the relatives attend. A blessing with rice and yellow power turmeric is common here and gifts are exchanged. Let us pray for the unity of families and for successful married life.

Mission Experience for GLM

Andhra Pradesh – The Guanellian Lay Movement and Guanellian Cooperators from Bangalore paid a visit to the Andhra Mission house October 8-9th. An orientation was given by Fr. Sunil about what mission activities are carried out by Guanellian priests and sisters in Andhra. The Bangalore group had an opportunity to meet with the GLM members of Andhra to exchange experiences and address questions. Amongst them were some youngsters who were inclined to join GLM. They will soon begin formation in the Guanellian Youth Movement, eventually with membership in the GLM. The seminarians spoke with the members from Bangalore and learned the involvement of lay persons within the Guanellian family and how they form the 3rd leg of the Congregation. There was also time to spend with the differently-abled who joined in the Eucharistic celebrations and lunch. The Andhra & Bangalore GLM, 35 members strong, visited the village, extending their support to a poor family where the breadwinner was differently-abled. This mission experience which integrated Bangalore and Andhra was organized by Fr. Peter Sebastian and executed by Fr. Ronald and Fr. Sunil. Special thanks to Fr. Visuvasam and Fr. Adaikalam for bringing the group together.

A Budding Friendship

Koppaka - postulant 2Koppakka  РRaju Ashok is one among the new candidates from Andhra Pradesh discerning his vocation to religious life with the Servants of Charity. From the time he entered Guanella Bhavan he befriended Mr. Krupava Rao, an older adult from the neighborhood who comes over daily for food and other assistance. Adults and children would find it very difficult to deal with him because he is hard of hearing. But Raju has been of great help to him and developed a good rapport with him within a few weeks. They sit together at table for lunch and Raju assists him while eating, then he parcels his supper and walks him to the main road while chatting. Raju is the only child of his farming parents and is known for sociability and jovial nature.

Seminarians from the North

Andhra Pradesh РGuanella Bhavan, the minor seminary in Andhra, kick-started the 2015-2016 scholastic year. This year 14 young seminarians are discerning their vocations to this Order. These candidates come from different states of North India. The common factor that brings them together is their Christian identity. The congregation, which is exploring ways to extend the  Word of God in the northern part of India, welcomes these students with great hope. The seminary aims at introducing them to basic catechism, Christian prayers, Holy Mass, other spiritual activities, English proficiency, and pre-university and university studies. The seminary is very grateful to God and to all those benefactors who sustain this program.seminary 9

Inaugural GLM Activities

Vatluru – The Guanellian Lay Movement functions as two groups in Andhra Pradesh: one in Vatluru and the other in Koppaka. Each began their first charitable activity by providing a meal to the abandoned elderly people in Vatluru and organizing a seminar day for the school children in Kopaka respectively. On March 8th, the members from both the groups gathered in Koppaka for a day of recollection learning the spirituality of the founder, St. Louis Guanella, and praying together.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Samaldeev

Andhra – During the Dasara holidays a picnic was planned for all the evening school children of Sacred Heart Church. On Friday, October 3rd the children gathered at Guanella Bhavan in Kopaka to depart for the Shrine of our Lady in Samaldeev, located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. The priest and seminarians led the 141 member group in prayer to Mother Mary upon arrival at the shrine. The group ate lunch before heading to the sea shore for a swim. Though there were many small children, everyone got home safely with the help of God and the protection of Mother Mary.

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Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

andhra mary processionAndhra – On May 13th, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima was celebrated in a grand manner. An Our Lady of Fatima image was decorated with flowers and lights for a procession around the Church. The Legion of Mary led the whole congregation in offering special prayers through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima. Fr. Bala Kiran celebrated Mass and Fr. Joseph Peter preached the homily; narrating the history of Our Lady of Fatima. People who have great devotion to Mother Mary offered special prayers for peace in the whole world.