Families arraive at Guanella Center in ManilaManila – Family day was held on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at Guanella Center for everyone associated with the house. Bro. Joseph Peddarapu, SdC, opened the program starting with a prayer and Fr. Eduardo Cerbito, Guanella Program Coordinator, gave opening remarks highlighting ways for everyone to serve God. The parents were sent to the Guanella Home for a presentation by Mr. and Mrs. Pilarta; a talk that taught them to educate their children with God as a teacher in the family. The children watched a movie to inspire the choices in their daily lives. After the movie they played games; showing sportsmanship and friendliness to each other. Each group prepared a presentation. The Elderly Program sang a song, Catechetical Program and Guanellian Youth Ministry performed energetic dance numbers, Lectors and Commentators revealed their golden voices paired with dance of “Sa Duyan ni Nanay” and Sponsorship beneficiaries presented their Gangnam style dance. After the presentations, there was a raffle drawing and games for adults. It was a successful and meaningful day for the Servants of Charity and everyone who attended the program.Fathers and babies at Family Day in Philippines


National Language Week

Manila – On August 17, 2012 Guanella Center celebrated Linggo ng Wika 2012 with the theme “Tatak ng wikang Filipino Lakas ng pagka- Filipino (The Mark of the Filipino Language, The Strength of Being a Filipino).” The special kids, parents and staff arrived in their own creative Filipino costume for the parade around the Servants of Charity compound. After the kick-off parade, the children and the staff entered the center. Ms. Claire Subdi, RSW, social worker, and Ms. Sheena Sanares, PT intern, were the Masters of Ceremony for the event.

All were filled with excitement as the program started. Richard Pamintuan, an autistic child, led the opening prayer. Fr. Luigi de Giambattista, SdC presented an inspiring message before the contest judges were introduced: Ms. Gemma Suque, secretary for the Servants of Charity, Bro. Joseph Peddarapu, SDC and Bro. Gyl Adolf.  First to present their talent was the group “Anak ni Manuel (Manuel’s Son)” with a declamation piece “Ako ay Pilipino (I am Filipino)”. Before the second presentation, a song entitled “Bakit ngayon ka lang” was sung by Fernando Miñao, a boy with Torrete Syndrome, captivating the hearts of the audience. The second contestant was the group “Anak ni Ninoy (Ninoy’s Son)” performing the song, “Leron Leron Sinta.” Christopher Pellejera sang “Natutulog ba ang diyos (Is God Asleep)?” before the last group, “Anak ni Rizal (Rizal’s Son),” presented their itik-itik dance.

After the contest, chosen special children animated a popular Filipino story, “Ang mga Langgam at ang mga tipaklong (The Ant and the Grasshopper)” it was followed by the dance number “Hayop na Combo,” a song by Yoyoy Villame, Philippine King of Novelty Songs.

Before the program ended there was an awards ceremony for the winners of “Tula awit at sayaw (poetry, song and dance)” contest. “Anak ni Rizal” won first place. From “Palarong Pinoy (Pinoy Games)” on August 14th, “Anak ni Rizal” were awarded champions and presented medals. Best costume awards for children went to Alexa Solomon, Gerald Bergado & Ellyca Bato. Ms. Sheena Sanares won the award for the staff and volunteers. Fr. Luigi closed the program with a short prayer for the intentions of the children and the center. It was a day showcasing talents and the significance of the Filipino Language to the life of the special children.