Celebrating Father’s Birthday

Chennai – On October 11th the DGMS Campus celebrated the birthday of Fr. S.A Lourduraj, director of Don Guanella Special School. In the morning he was greeted by the good children and their teachers with prayers and gifts. The school put on a cultural program wishing him well and praying for his ministry. In the evening, he celebrated Mass with the community as a thanksgiving offering for the gift of his life and for Providence in his life. He also prayed for the congregation, the community and its welfare. The birthday celebration continued with a special program by the community. Fr. Lourduraj cut the birthday cake. Bro. Kumar felicitated him with poetic words on behalf of the community and the superior acknowledged him in a special way. With a delicious dinner and thanks from Fr. Lourduraj, the celebration came to an end.


Director’s Birthday Celebrated

Chennai – On October 11th Don Guanella Special School celebrated the birthday of Fr. S. A. Lourduraj. The staff, students, parents and friends participated in this joyful event. A cultural program was arranged to felicitate father with song, dance and skits; also offering him gifts. Everyone had a great time and Fr. Lourduraj thanked them for their generosity, love and concern for him.

Good Children Rejoice

sivagangai - bdaySivagangai – St. Guanella Anbagam took special care in celebrating the birthdays of the good children Antony and Stalin on September 17th. That morning, Mass was offered for their good health and that God may shower His blessings upon them and console them in their sufferings. Throughout the day they were filled with happiness. That evening the community gathered in Anbagam to pray over them, sing birthday songs and then cut the special cake that was purchased in their honor. They were happy to share cake with their friends.

Fr. Kannikai’s Birthday

cuddalore - birthday DGBH 1Cuddalore – Fr. Visuvasam, superior of the community, organized a special program in order to wish Fr. Kannikai, the vice-director, a memorable birthday on September 8th. The students of Don Guanella Boys Home performed a variety of cultural programs to entertain Fr. Kannikai. At last birthday cake was served to everyone. Fr. Kannikai thanked them all for their love and concern towards him.

Celebrating another Year

Cuddalore - Birthday SJS 2Cuddalore  – St. Joseph Seminary was happy to celebrate the birthday of Fr. Maria Paulraj and Bro. Arun David, the Regent, on September 26th. Holy Mass was solemnly presided over by the birthday celebrant. After Mass, the seminarians performed colorful cultural programs to felicitate the celebrants and make the day wonderful. At the end of the program, Rev. Maria Paulraj delivered a beautiful message which inspired the hearts of the young seminarians, and with his final blessing, the celebration ended.

Birthday Celebration

Sivagangai  – The Yesuvanam Community joyfully celebrated the birthday of three children at St. Guanella Anbagam School, Kumar, Manikandan and Sarchil. The Yesuvanam confreres, staff and friends gathered on the evening of June 16th for the party. The event began with prayer for the birthday children and laying on of hands for their good health and their intentions. After praying, birthday celebrants joyfully cut the cake and served it to all of the Anbagam children. Everyone enjoyed the celebration and fraternal gathering.

Bro. Stalin’s Birthday

Cuddalore – Fr. George Vinsula, the Director of Don Guanella Boys Home, organized a special program in order to wish Bro. Stalin, Regent at DGBH, a memorable birthday. The students performed a variety of cultural programs to entertain Bro. Stalin. At last, birthday cake was served to everyone. Bro. Stalin thanked them all for their love and concern towards him.

Cuddalore - Regent's Birthday 3 Cuddalore - Regent's Birthday 1