Health Care Seminar

Legazpi 1 Legazpi 2 Legazpi – Harong Kan Sagrada Familia held a seminar on health awareness July 23rd. The seminar was given by the group from Alliance Global Company. The participants were confreres, novices, seminarians and Guanellian youth. The speaker gave a PowerPoint presentation titled “Heath Information Drive and Cancer Prevention Seminar.” She presented signs and symptoms of cancer and the factors that trigger its onset. According to the speaker, STRESS is one of the main factors that weaken the immune system thus the body becomes vulnerable to many diseases including cancer.  She said cancer has no status and no age limits, whether rich or poor all might become victim of it. People develop different kinds of cancer in their life span due to various reasons. After having the presentation, the group proposed certain preventive systems to the audience which might bring about sound health care. After the session many questions were raised by the participants to elaborate the topic.