“Youthnited with Love, Youthnited for Christ!”

Guanellian Youth Movement members at the end of their show

Guanellian Youth Movement members at the end of their showManila – On February 24th 2013, the Guanellian Youth Ministry (G.Y.M.) or “Kabataang Guanelliano” held a post-valentine mini-concert entitled “Youthnited with Love, Youthnited for Christ!” at Guanella Center, Servants of Charity.  It was actually a fundraising activity, but also served as a way of uplifting their talents in singing, dancing, as well as creative and critical thinking skills for the whole concept of the event.  It was indeed a success for all of their supportive parents and friends were there, and there were about a hundred of tickets sold.  The theme of the concert was the meaning and different kinds of love.  And it was clearly presented by the six Audio Visual Presentations (AVP’s) before every production numbers. The concert started solemnly with a doxology sung by G.Y.M. Choir and interpreted by four dancers.  Then, there was an AVP for the meaning of love as a whole and afterwards another AVP about love for family (storge), partners (epithumia and eros), friends (phillia), and love for God (agape).  As for their performance, it was executed not so perfectly but full of confidence.  Moreover, before the final song, there was a shadow play to the music “Love Never Fails” performed by all the members of the group.  In the end, the G.Y.M. wholeheartedly thanked God for giving them a chance to share their God-given talents and to all of the people who were there to share and support them before and during the concert.  They all felt blessed for the success of the concert for there was no mentor or trainer,  they were all united in giving their efforts to achieve a well-organized and wonderful mini-concert.  To a great extent, they thrived and are looking forward to other big events like this.  “We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

-Charmaine B. Ramirez