four men in white albs lay prostrate befire the altar of a beautiful church in Rome.

The doors of the Church are wide open as Pope Francis notes, “God never ceases to demonstrate the richness of His mercy over the course of centuries.” This year has richness of grace in the Church as well as well as in the congregation; in this moment four theologians were ordained as deacons on March 6th in the Basilica of St. Joseph Trionfale, Rome.

‘Deacon’ stands for διάκονος which means minister or servant. The ministry of deacon is the vocation to serve in 3 areas; the Word, Liturgy and Charity. The four deacons, who were perpetually professed October 24th in Como, were happy to receive the ordination of diaconate during Holy Mass presided by Mons. Enrico dal Covolo, SdB. The deacons to be ordained were Eustace, Oscar, Marc and Selvakani belonging to the Delegation of Our Lady of Hope and Divine Providence Province. The parents, relatives and friends of deacons arrived from various parts of Italy and there were almost 70 priests around the altar to testify to the grace of the Lord for 4 young men of Christ.

The Gospel of the day was Luke 15,1-3, 11-32, the parable of the prodigal son, which interpreted by Mons. Enrico in such a way it remains a milestone for the Servants of Charity. He called them, “diaconi della misericordia,” Deacons of Mercy; saying that they are called to be the mercy servers to the emerging needs of the world.

He recalled three practical verbs indicated by Pope Francis during his special Audience to the Guanellian family on November 12th in Paul VI Hall, Vatican; namely to trust, to look and to hasten.

To trust: The parable of the prodigal son is a story of Father’s unlimited trust and Mercy. The father trusted the son and divided his property. At the center of St. Guanella’s life was the certainty that God is a merciful and provident Father. The two lines go hand in hand; the trust in God and trust in poor that are the prodigal sons and daughters in our Guanellian centers.

To look: The father “saw” his son. There is a great deal in that word, ‘saw.’ God has such a way of seeing men and women that you and I cannot understand. He sees right through us like He saw in the Gospel; Matthew, Zaccheus and a rich young man with a glance which sees our past, present and future.

When he was yet a great way off, He felt compassion for him and ran and embraced him and kissed him. St. Guanella had the same look of mercy in which these new deacons will ‘see’.

To hasten: In the ancient Jewish culture, it was difficult for the respected persons with dignity to come down and receive the young son back in to the family. Mons. Enrico echoed the living words of St. Guanella, “We cannot stop as long as there are poor to be assisted.” Dear loving deacons, Poverty cannot wait. Let us feel the compassion for the poor, and run, embrace and kiss. (v.20) Today is the special day because 4 young hearts receive the extraordinary grace to be called, ‘deacons of Mercy.’

Then he ordained the deacons, the holy mass ended with the Jubilee blessing along with prayers for Pope Francis. A sumptuous dinner and feast for the invitees was served in the Theological Seminary, Rome. Fr. Umberto Brugnoni, the Rector thanked the Lord for these new deacons to the Church and congregation.



Charism School

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Cuddalore – To commemorate the Centenary Birth of St. Louis Guanella in Heaven, a five-day Charism School was held April 8-12th at St. Joseph’s Seminary. The 80 participants included Guanellian Priests ordained in the past Five Years, Deacons, Seminarians with temporary profession and DSMP Sisters. Sr. Franca DSMP was the resource person and she was accompanied by Rev. Sr. Luigia from Italy. The theme was, “The Witness of Two Competent Persons Fr. Piero Pellegrini, SdC and Fr. Attilio Beria, SdC” – The Study and Figure of Father Guanella in order to assimilate in our proper Life.
In Guanellian history there are many important people who made their exclusive contribution for the growth and spread of the congregation and it’s Charism. Their hard work and precious testimony still remain as important resources and basics for present and future followers. The notable two among them are Don Pierino Pellegrini SdC and Don Attilio Beria SdC. From their life and works, we have many things to learn for a better religious life. They can be classified into spiritual, intellectual, and charismatic dimensions.

  • Their genuine love for prayer and personal encounter with God in a filial relationship.
  • Their exemplary personification of the founder’s program  ‘Pray and Suffer.’
  • Their  commitment to research and writing which has  made tremendous proclamation about the Guanellian Spirit  and Charism; especially making known the holy image and service of our Founder to the whole world.
  • Their extraordinary administrative skill and systematic presentation which served as meticulous mediation between Holy Mother Church and the Congregation.

All the participants appreciated being enlightened by hearing Sr. Franca speak about these two great personalities whom previously were not well-known. The Charism School was a great help for the young confreres. Thanks to Divine Providence Province, DSMP Indian Delegation and the Guanella Communication Center for organizing the event.