Lenten Pilgrimage

Kumbakonam – The priests, sisters and parishioners of Divine Providence Parish went on a pilgrimage during Lent. Early Saturday morning, April 1st, the pilgrims departed in two buses heading for Kalpattu. Upon arrival, they ate breakfast and prayed the Way of the Cross. Mass was celebrated at St. Paul the Hermit’s Church before journeying towards Villianur. At the Immaculate Sister’s Convent, the sisters provided the pilgrims with a meal before going to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine for personal prayer and the Rosary. The next stop of the spiritual journey was at Sacred Heart Church for an opportunity to purchase Holy articles such as Rosaries, rings and prayer books. Cuddalore Silver Beach was chosen for an evening in nature and a meditative walk. After relaxing at the beach, the pilgrims headed toward home stopping in Meensurutti for tea and vadai. Through the intercession of St. Paul the Hermit and Our Lady of Lourdes, it was a joyful and spiritual experience for all of the pilgrims.


St. Xavier’s Feast

St  Francis Xaviour FeastKumbakonam – Our  Lady of Divine Providence Church has been blessed with two substations, Velakudi and Thirupurambiam, with St. Francis Xavier as their patron and who is also patron of our nation India. The feast was celebrated on December 3 at Thirupurambiam, and December 4 at Velakudi in a simple but a solemn way. Some of the parishioners, GLM, and Legion of Mary participated actively; encouraging the people of the substations. Mr. Raphealdoss, a GLM member began the celebration with the Holy Rosary, followed by a novena prayer and the litany of St. Francis Xavier. On both the days, Fr. A. John Bosco, SdC, parish priest, celebrated the solemn Mass and preached about the life and missionary spirit of St. Xavier. He also spoke of St. Luigi Guanella who also had the missionary zeal. He exhorted the parishioners to have such a missionary zeal in proclaiming the Good News and to work for the remote people in the parish. After Mass, each village generously shared their joy offering coffee and snacks and Fr. John Bosco provided sweets for the celebration.
The people decorated the chapels with flowers and colorful lights. The Liturgy was arranged and animated by the assistant parish priest, Guanellian Sisters and the Regent Brother. While the liturgical celebrations gave the animators spiritual nourishment and a fraternal spirit, it is hoped that the villagers now feel that they are part of the big Our Lady of Divine Providence family Parish. Reaching the remote substations would have really pleased the patron of missionaries and brought the Grace of God through the intercession of St. Francis Xavier.